Vastu Consultant in Kolkata Discusses Suitable and Unsuitable Colors for Air Element!

Vastu consultant in Kolkata says that colors are extremely important to determine the overall vastu of any property.
In today, blog, we will discuss the suitable and unsuitable colors of the air element.
What is air element?
Air element is one of the primordial elements of cosmic world. Along with water, fire, earth and space, it compromise panchtatva. Air element is also known as wood element.
Which zones represent air element?
As per Vastu consultant in Kolkata, there are 16 zones in vastu. Out of them, 3 represent air element, namely, East of North East (ESE), East of South East (ESE) and East. All these zones and its interiors belong to air element.
What are the suitable colors for air element?
Since air element is synonymously represented as wood element, the ideal colors for it are the ones that belong to wood element. The color of leaves; green and the color of wood; brown are the 2 ideal colors
for this.
Which are the unsuitable colors for air element?
The air element does not comply with either earth or space elements. So, Vastu consultant in Kolkata advises to avoid using their respective color.
So, the unsuitable colors in this regard will be yellow (for earth), white and grey (for space).
How to use these colors to improve the vastu of home?
Now that you know which colors are suitable and which are not; you can use them accordingly to uplift the vastu of the home.
Make sure to use the suitable colors to paint the interiors of the 3 zones ar mentioned above. The same goes for any of its furnishing like bed, study table, curtains, cushion cover, bed sheet and so on.
Vastu consultant in Kolkata always remind that you must always prefer using the light shades of whatever colors suggested, as it uplifts the mood of people.
Using dark shades on the other hand has been found to cause gloominess and depression among people.

You must get complete vastu color guidance for you home to make it perfectly vastu complaint. For any queries, reach out to best Vastu consultant in Kolkata at Vaastu Mangaal. Book your appointment with us today!

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